Digital Storage

Protect Your Business or Company with Secure Offsite Digital Storage
Your data backup process plays an integral role in your ability to protect your business operations. Whether it be emails, financial records, or pertinent client information, if it isn’t properly stored, protected and retrievable when it's needed most, then you are placing your whole company at risk. Digital media is the lowest cost solution for medium-to-long term offsite storage.

  • Be confident.
    Recover the data you need, when you need it to protect your business operations.
  • Minimize the risk.
    Store tapes offsite so they don’t fall into the wrong hands and violate privacy regulations and laws.
  • Manage your information.
     so you can quickly and easily produce the information required for litigations, audits, compliance reviews and more.

How it works:
With our Offsite Tape Vaulting service, you'll have safe storage of your tapes until you need them – whether that’s tomorrow or next year, you can retrieve them on-demand. It’s also the most efficient way to utilize long-term archiving of your backup data. Your tapes are stored in a few simple steps:
You prepare your pickup request via Safe Storage, our online portal
We pick up your container, scanning the barcode before and after transit
Your tapes are stored offsite in an environmentally controlled facility
Manage schedule changes, reporting, and retrievals with Safe Storage
Tape pickups and delivery synchronized with your backup schedule. Next-day, half day and emergency retrieval services are available. Your offsite tapes are protected by stringent security standards, including highly trained personnel, video surveillance and key-card access.
Why Safe Storage:

  • Total portfolio of data protection services
  • State of the art, security facilities
  • Dedicated Account Managers, 24/7 Customer Service

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