Please reach out safe storage team for any queries

Safe Storage is storage space provider to stow all your household items with state of the art security facilities, Catering exclusive cheap storage solutions ranging from Household items storage to Records storage management.

Charges are totally depend on home types and storage types starting from 100 INR. Below are the different categories of storages.
· Household Storage
· Business Storage
· Document Storage
· Automobile Storage
· Box Storage

Currently we are operational in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi

Packing and storing is the main factors we have to check before storage and safe storage is providing the best quality of packing and storing when compared to other storages.

You will be charge only on the number of boxes you have used No need to worry about it.

No, you can store your goods as long as you want in our secured warehouses.

Yes we charge on Month-on-Month basis to give you the flexibility to rent for whatever amount of time makes sense for you.

Yes, Safe storage provides you best quality of packing supplies for purchase.

Yes, securing your goods is our first main priority. Our security features at most of our locations include 24hr security, security cameras, fire control, pest control, Biometric system access, and Barcode tracking system.

If you have any queries you can contact our customer relationship executives through mobile and email

It’s totally depend on total number of items you would like to store. We are offering storage units at different sizes. To know the exact unit size for your items and you can take estimated quotation from our website by simply selecting the items you need to store with us.

Yes of course, you can schedule warehouse visit by contacting our team through mobile or mail before booking our unit.

Storage units are the best cost saving solution if you are looking to relocate or renovate Rather than investing on a larger properties and one of the biggest benefits is freed-up space. A storage unit can free up a considerable amount of space at your home or business.

No, you can store both small and big items on our storage units.

Yes, all our warehouses is treated monthly to ensure a pest free environment.

Yes, we are offering our transportation to customers on rent to move all your goods from your pickup locations to the selected warehouses. For best selection, we recommend calling the facility in advance to reserve the truck you’ll need.

You can rent in person or on the phone. If you decide to rent via phone, you can pay your monthly rent with a credit through the mail we have shared to you on you payment due dates.

You have to book your retrieval slot just by logging into our portal before a week prior.

No, We don’t have any type of hidden charges in safe storage. We provide a detail quotation of charges to our customers.

Once you reserved your storage slot you can then move your items on the day you have reserved your slot. If you are feeling any difficulties in booking your slot you can contact our support team through mail or mobile.

We require a government-issued photo ID (example: driver’s license, state ID, or passport).

We are accepting all major credit/debit cards, upi payments, cash and cheques.

You can use our storage estimation by just logging into our website or you can contact our friendly team staff for assistance.

Our onsite facility managers monitor the facility throughout the day and there is no risk of your items getting lost, and you can schedule video tours to check your items whenever you need.

Your items are stored in secure storage warehouses that are secured and monitored 24/7. The movers will unload your goods and organize them so that they are stored safely and efficiently.

Keep the weight of your individual boxes reasonable, so it will be easy to handle

Our main responsibility is to keep our warehouses environment clean and we are pride on ourselves on clean property. You can visit our warehouses before you book the slot

We wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap to fill all the empty spaces in boxes so we can pack delicate or more valuable items securely.

Yes we are offering 10% and 20% discount on 6 & 12 months storage charges prepayments. There would be additional seasonal discounts.

Your monthly due rent is totally depends on the storage move in date
Ex:- suppose your move in date is 20th your monthly due rent is on 20th of every month

You can contact by the number listed on our website or you can visit our warehouse and can book your slot.

Yes we have taken special precautions to keep warehouses dry.

Yes, we place your items on pallets to promote air circulation around your stored goods and protect items that are sensitive to humidity like upholstered furniture.

Yes you can cancel your slot before 24 hrs. By contacting our support team or by logging into our portal.

Climate-controlled units are available at many of our facilities. Climate-controlled units allow you to set and maintain a consistent temperature for climate-sensitive items inside warehouses.

No not at all, safe storage provides you additional discounts on your storage charges if you store for long period of time.

Safe Storage is Storage space provider with state of the art security facilities. We are one stop destination for all your storage needs. We are providing the customized storage solutions for all your needs in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. We are best known for our packing and storage quality in storage field.

Safe storage works with professional packers to help pack your items and move your items into our secured warehouses with 24/7 monitoring services. Safe storage mainly works on four simple steps
Step 1:- Packing Safe storage works with professional packers to pack your valuable things professionally. Because no job is too big for professionals. Our professionals uses three layers of packing for your stuff. They pack your things in professional manner at your home itself and reduce your work on packing.
Step 2:- Pickup Our team will arrive to your place at scheduled slot time and they pack all your valuable items together in different boxes and once after the load is finished our team will cross check your inventory with you to make sure everything is safe.
Step 3:- Storage Safe Storage is Storage space provider that are monitored 24/7 and secured and can be monitored only by professionals so your stuff is very safe with us .Our team carefully unload your goods from trucks and store them in our secured warehouses.
Step 4:- Delivery Retrieval process is simple in our storage. Just you need to raise the request in our dashboard. Our team will check your id for security purpose and deliver goods whenever you need them.

You can’t store the flammable liquids, explosives, toxic materials. Please contact our team if you have any further queries we are happy to help you.

Yes you can get your goods before the expiry of your monthly contract basis and we don’t charge for remaining days.

Yes safe storage provides you coverage insurance when your items are in our storage warehouses.

Safe storage provides both short term and long term storage services. You can store as long as you need. No long term commitment is required.

Yes we have best and professional packers to pack and shift all your valuable items safely into our secured warehouses.

Yes we are offering different services for our customers like
· Household storage
· Document storage
· Business storage

Pricing, Quality, Security, Service are the main unique selling points that are different from other storage units.

For each and every customer we are providing the customer relationship manager and escalation level managers to solve all your queries, and we are always happy to help you.

You can store your household goods, commercial goods, electronics, and appliances.

We will use barcode tracking system to track all your specified goods at our warehouses.

Yes you have to pay token amount to book your pickup slot, this charges will get deducted from your final charges.

You can book online or you can contact our team on 8088848484 our team will help you in generating quote we will be happy to book your quote over phone.

Safe storage facilities are open 7 days a week and you can access our storage units from 9 AM to 5PM.

There are several factors we have to take into consideration in addition to size and storage unit type is completely depend on items that you are planning to store.