What are the items that we can and can’t store in self-storage units in Bangalore?

What are the items that we can and can’t store in self-storage units in Bangalore?

If you are reading this article and if you are looking for a self-storage unit then remember these things before making a list of items. In this article, we will discuss about the things that can and can’t be allowed in self-storage units.

5 things that you can’t store in storage units:-
1. Hazardous Materials:-

The Principal thing that we can't store in self-capacity units is perilous materials. This rundown will be long however in short keep away from the things that burst into flames, detonate, or create fire like fuel, propane, paint, sprayers
2. Perishables:-

Food is the second thing that we can’t store in self-storage units. If we store food in the refrigerator is considered perishables so please avoid storing perishables food. There are some storage units that help you store non-perishable items in their storage units.

3. Living animals or plants:-

In recent times we have heard a lot of crazy stories about people who are looking for self-storage units to stow their pets and plants it’s really a bad idea and no need to explain it so please don’t do it.

4. Weapons, and stolen items:-

I think everyone knows why we can’t store but if we want to say in short if anything that can purposely hurt others or is illegal those items can’t store in self-storage units

5. Perfumes and wet items:-

Please don’t do the mistake of storing wet items and strong perfumes in self-storage units because they can damage the remaining valuable things that you had store along with them.

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