SafeStorage,We Provide Self Storage And Warehousing Facility

Safe Storage, We give Self Capacity And Warehousing Office For Family Products And Business Merchandise.

Safe Storage gives you the most open, secure, and reliable tone-storagespace to keep your specific and productive things at its cutting edge stockpiles situated in India. Presently you can store your valued and seldom utilized valuable impacts to shape out repetitive space at your home or business, denied of any circumstances.

The safe storage facility is multi-usage. Storing your household goods as a part of painting or alteration of your home. However, you can avail short-term storage facility as per the requirement. Numerous of us struggle to manage our manage effects like cabinetwork, kitchen sets, documents, etc but Safe storehouse makes it veritably easy and affordable.Packer and mover come to the place and pack the items which have to be stored in the storage units. 

Our strength

Completely fortified and commodious storages with visage India Network 

Shared and multifarious stoner storehouse installation 

Well- Integrated and regular work process 

complete functional platoon feeding to the obligation of sectors like retail, FMCG,e-commerce, technology,etc. 

Making Your Self-Storage Knowledge Simple.

We own over nationwide. We enjoy over nationwide. Our service has been impacted extremely as our system runs on a structured process inflow to achieve your things. We give short- term and long- term options to store your effects with utmost safety and security. We've industrialized top- notch warehousing installations across India. 

Customer Benefits

Modern and Safe Infrastructure

Continual Focus on Cost capability and Process enhancement

Delivery and Pick Up in All main metropolises

Fixed KPI and SLA with factual time update of force stock.

Minimum Rent and List Holding.

On-time distribution and pick up

Item-wise and location-wise list management

24-hour convenience 

Great abatements are available for long- term storehouse over 12 months 

Environment Friendly Practices: you can share any environmental friendly practices, such as energy-efficient facilities or recycling initiatives etc..


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