Packers And Movers In Bangalore

Packers and movers in Bangalore: 


we began these packers and movers in 2017 as clients expected us and mentioned to do moving as they have seen our administration for capacity through the nature of pressing and as they have fulfilled increasingly more with our positive quality help.     

Why need to choose a Safe storage packer and movers? 1.1. This is a completely trustworthy service. 

When we use the word “trustworthy” we are not just boasting ourselves but these very names we got through our beloved customers who have seen our service lively based on reality and Professional work.     

1.2. This is a complete quality service.

We use very good quality packing material for the packing of the stuff of the customers like Brown sheet (Corrugated) rolls, Bubble rolls, and Stretch film rolls. To pack Refrigerators, washing machines, coolers, split Ac or window Ac, TVs, monitors, water purifiers, Microwave ovens, and Dishwashers for these items we use three-layer packing Bubble Packing + Brown sheet packing+ then stretch film rolls packing. For other wooden items, we use two-layer packing brown sheets and stretch film rolls. For fragile & Crockery items we use Bubble wrapping more. We don’t mind using more packing material “We don’t focus on the quantity of the packing material but we only focus on the quality of the packing material.” We give only our quality service not vanity service.  


1.3. This is a complete care service. 

We not only focus on quality but also the responsibility for the Belongings even if it’s during the packing, loading, unloading, transporting, handling, and unpacking of the items and rearranging of the bigger items. And we also make sure to deliver the stuff very carefully to respective destinations.  


What is the benefit for customers if they use our service

2.1. We do local siftings at low prices.       

2.2. Well-trained supervisors and packers in packing the stuff and moving the items to destinations carefully.

2.3. We provide on-time service. 

2.4. We take complete responsibility if any Damage happens during the shifting of the goods. 

2.5. We make inventory for every item.     

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