It must have happened to most of us that, all of a sudden if we are going for a long or short trip, a question arises in our mind, where will I store the vehicle? What are the necessary steps that require to store a vehicle? is the vehicle safe or will I have to end up in servicing my vehicle after coming back ? All these question pop up in our head where we get confused and worried. All these issues can be solved by just storing your vehicle in warehouse. The nest question comes up concerned about reliability about storage facility                                

Well safe storage provides one of the best  automobile storage services in Bangalore where we are equipped with state-of-the art  security systems with 24/7 CCTV monitoring barcode assisted inventory management systems, biometric security systems and pest safe premises. We have proper insurance renewal on demand. In our warehouse vehicle storing is up to I month to any number of years. Clients can come and store their vehicles in the warehouse though certain standard documentation needs to be done before parking the vehicle as it’s your precious vehicle and all insurance procedures have to be done to double secure your belongings .Our warehouse has  vast space with clean and dry environment

We even follow certain precaution for any of your automobile like preventing your flat spots on your tyres because it rests on your wheels .we also remove the dirt ,dusk stuck on vehicle before we apply coat of polish and wax, then finally we cover the entire automobile, and this keeps the moisture of the major issues of leaving automobile unused results in rusting on the inside of the fuel tank. The best way to avoid this to fill your car tank  with quality petrol, even with some fuel additives. Make sure that the tank is sealed properly as well

This kind of car service based storage facility is unique to Safe Storage with affordable rent for long and short term requirement.