What to do when dates of moving into your dream home and your bucket list trip collide?

House Shifting

Have you been scribbling down about your dream vacation and did you script down every adventure that you have been longing for your vacation? Now imagine what if relocation to your ideal home crash lands into the dates of your so called “dream holiday”?

Here is Safe Storage for you to make sure you are not even bothered about your favourite assets of your life, it could be your car or even your mom’s gifted sweet necklace or even a photo frame. We put forth the industry’s lowest rent storage space along with a door-service for moving your precious belongings with the best moving and storage experts. Another attractive part of our service is we have introductory offers and our friendly experts can guide you from the step one to your work done, with all the patience to answer even your smallest queries.

Often pest issues are the major threat while moving into a new home as your old home could get cluttered with insects in the process of moving out. Safe Storage’s unique feature mainly for household storage facility is the Wooden Pallets as every household item are securely stored in these specially prepared storage materials. Apart from these distinct storage option, we also have packing materials like bubble wrapping, cardboard boxes and more. Our storage and packing offers are not just an ordinary service, we want to make sure you feel peaceful while you remember about your belongings amidst your leisure activities in your trip, so our clean, dry and segregated storage facilities are safe from any sort of harm and theft. 

Fire control and exclusive fire alarm systems are our best seller attribute of our services.  It is commonly a grave concern amongst the packing industry about the unexpected fire outbreaks but our unique proposition of fire control and alarm system can outdate that fear and be confident to secure even the smallest document storage that you may require during the course of your relocation and movement. 

24 x 7 CCTV Coverage and Security is another attraction which is your assures the safety of your personal belongings in our premises until we move every single item of yours. While all these are innovative and secured services for you, we also believe lending our services in the most affordable rate and you can avail our services for short and long term storage options which even helps you to relax while holidaying at your best destination. Insurance coverage bets on the secured storage of your personal belongings regardless of the size of the material.